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Stories and insights from leaders across the nation with ties to Gainesville.

We discuss Virtual Reality with Dr. Benjamin Lok, Co-founder of Shadow Health and a Computer & Information Sciences Professor at the University of Florida. Shadow Health uses virtual reality to help healthcare providers learn how to communicate with patients by allowing them to practice in a virtual environment. Dr. Lok will discuss uses of VR and risks that technology poses to society. We will also discuss his first Ironman Triathalon and how he was able to weave his training into his commitments to his company, the university, and his family.

Andy Stark will share his impressive resume working for Gainesville-based tech companies, as well as his time in the Navy. Andy worked his way from a tech support employee to President and owner of Jenmar, a cloud-based dental-lab tech company, which was sold to EasyRX earlier this year. We will also discuss innovation, taking risks with startups, and how to brand Gainesville to retain UF grads and entrepreneurs.

On this episode, we will hear from Evan Ferl, General Counsel & VP of Legal and Operations at Hired, a tech company based in San Francisco. Evan and I will discuss the career path that took him to Silicon Valley, how he inadvertently advised a startup company that was funded by illegal drug trade, whether or not students should go to law school, his career in stand-up comedy, and much more.

On this episode, we will hear from Brad Stumpff, co-owner of UF Mover Guys, a full service moving company in Gainesville. Brad and I will discuss marketing and how he has maintained a 4.9 star rating on Google with over 500 reviews, how to keep clients happy by keeping employees happy, as well as some hilarious mishaps and unusual things he has been asked to move.

On this episode, we will hear from Amy Meacham, founder of Xtraordinary Joy. Xtraordinary Joy is a non-profit that funds research into an ultra-rare X-chromosome deletion disorder (Xq27.3-q28 deletion) that affects Amy’s daughter. The disorder is so rare that they have only identified 20 other children in 7 different countries with it. We will talk about how the disorder impacts the lives of those who have it, what research is being done to treat it, and how that research could be used as a model to treat other ultra-rare disorders and diseases.

On this episode we will hear from Adam Fehrenbacher, owner of Fehrenbacher’s Artisan Sausages. Adam has an obvious passion for making sausage. He has made and sold over 70 different varieties and thousands of pounds of sausage at his store, where he makes everything with the freshest ingredients by hand. Adam traveled all over the world cooking before deciding to open Fehrenbacher's in the 4th Ave Food Park in Gainesville. Adam and I will discuss how to make sausage, business, and what its like to live in Spain and run his Gainesville-based business remotely.

On this episode, we will hear from Gary McClain, a bodybuilder, personal trainer, diet coach, and DJ.  Gary will share his powerful story of why he got into bodybuilding, and describe the level of intensity and dedication it takes to be a bodybuilder. He will provide nutrition and workout advice for people that want to live healthier and happier lives. We will talk about Instagram and whether or not it's positive for our health and body image. Finally, we will discuss the business side of training, DJing, and how Gary maintains a work/life/family/training balance with all that he has going on.

On this episode, we will hear from Dr. Gordon Hubbell, a retired Zoo veterinarian, and an expert in shark paleontology. Dr. Hubbell was attracted to a career as a zoo vet because he thrived in the unpredictable nature of the job. He will share stories of situations where he had to quickly improvise; such as saving the life of a rare snow leopard and racing to capture 3 escaped hyenas before children began walking to school in the morning.

When Dr. Hubbell retired from zoo life, he followed his passion for sharks and became a well-known shark expert who has been featured on several TV programs, including Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Dr. Hubbell will conclude by giving us advice on how to become a respected expert in something without formal training in that field.

On this episode, we will hear from Krista McIver & Kristin Birdsey Klapp, Gainesville natives, best friends, and founders of Education Station & Preschool. Kristin & Krista will share some exciting expansion news with us that was made possible through their Gainesville connections.

We will also discuss how they got started, unique situations they face as women business owners, and the daily challenges of running Education Station & Preschool… including “code brown” epic blowouts.

Rick Staab is the CEO of InterMed Group, a national provider of integrated healthcare technology management services, which employs 150 people. Rick founded the charity “Tyler’s Hope” with his wife, which aims to find a cure for Dystonia - a rare neurological movement disorder which affects two of their children. 

Rick and I will discuss InterMed and why Gainesville is a great fit for the company. We will also discuss the progress being made to find a cure for dystonia, as well as his heavy involvement in the community.

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